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Clients love the fact that I was a former detective. Trust in your life experience and accept some of your work may be unpaid at first. Claire Norwood, 53, worked in various industries including marketing, journalism and shoe design before joining a property finder business three years ago.

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In , at the age of 45, Katie Roberts left a well-paid corporate career spanning more than 20 years to become a teacher via the Teach First programme. I had to put in some hard graft and get the basics right to break into teaching. Liz Drury, 44, trained in archaeological sciences before re-training to become a voice over artist after a family move from the UK to America.

Emma Warren, 49, worked in management until when she decided it was time for a change set up her own glamping business. You may find one is your ideal job or alternatively, you might find out that you need to think again. Mum of six Deborah Streatfield worked as a teacher before undergoing various career changes, and eventually setting up My Big Career - a charitable service aimed at helping young people make decisions about their future - at the age of Working seven days a week and 24 hours a day can be the norm.

Some days there is a feeling of drowning and trying to keep your head above water. Closing the door, getting in a bath with plenty of bubbles and having absolutely no interruptions has been a life saver! At the age of 50, Jan Baker took voluntary redundancy from her HR management role and decided to follow her passion to open her own framing business. She advises drawing up a list of pros and cons before switching careers.

Be careful who you ask - some may be too risk adverse to give a balanced view. Daniella Gluck launched a performance wear retail website aged 60, after having worked as a financial journalist. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Moloko Temo of South Africa at what was announced as her th birthday. The difference, however, is motivation; the original motivation for the village elder myth is local pride and joy; however the claim can then be discovered by the national press, and it becomes a source of national pride.

No birth certificate exists [ 55 ]. Moreover, she was said to be illiterate before , and misreported age is highly correlated with illiteracy. Unlike the previously mentioned myths, which are rooted in patriarchal, ancient, and communal beliefs, the Fountain of Youth myth is anchored in the individual. The idea that people could change their environment such as in alchemists' attempts to turn lead into gold , while not often supported by facts, became popular during the s and s.

People need an example of success to believe that a special kind of water e. The many websites and advertisements professing the age-reversing effects of growth hormone and other substances alleged to extend human longevity are a particularly egregious example due to the high frequency of adverse effects from these drugs and evidence that growth hormone actually shortens life span in adults [ 56 , 57 ].

As an example, Dr. Yet recent investigations found that he was only 99 years old [ 58 ]. An extension and adaptation of the Fountain of Youth myth is the idea that a particular place, rather than a substance, possesses what is needed to attain extreme age. Shangri-La was a fictional paradise in the novel Lost Horizon. Author James Hilton describes a place where the residents are happy, isolated, and live many years beyond the normal lifespan.

Once again, we see wealth and personal vanity as motivating factors in longevity myths. This myth differs from the Fountain of Youth myth in that it focuses on an entire village or mountain region, where the water, air, and so forth, are said to be qualitatively different than elsewhere. Modern examples of this myth include the Caucasus mountain region, the mountainous Vilcabamba region in Ecuador, and the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. In this type of myths, many people are claimed to achieve extreme old age. Thus, the Caucasus did not merely claim to have year olds, but to have hundreds of people older than years [ 59 , 60 ].

In some cases, apparent age heaping showed how unreliable the claims were. Claimants were also disproportionately male, further incriminating the claim because the vast majority of centenarians are female.

Out of a total population of , the town boasted seven men and two women older than years old. One man, Miguel Carpio, said that he was years old. Another, Jose David, claimed to be years old. Gabriel Erazo claimed to be years old.

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Victor Maza claimed to be However, an investigation in by Dr. Sylvia Forman of the University of California, Berkeley found that there was not a single centenarian living in Vilcabamba [ 15 ].

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The oldest person in the village was found to be The average age of those claiming to be over years was actually 86 years. Note that in the case of Vilcabama, there is overlap with other categories of age misreporting.

Also, nearly all the extreme age claimants were male, suggesting an overlap with the patriarchal and village elder myths. Usually, about eighty-five percent of centenarians [ 61 ] and ninety percent of supercentenarians are women [ 46 ]. Perhaps due to skeptical pressure, ages above are not used here; instead the claim is focused on prevalence of centenarians, rather than maximum ages.

The idea of the Nationalist longevity myth was rooted in the rise of Nationalism in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Soviets used the longevity claims of the Caucasus to help promote the asserted superiority of the Communist way of life and their nation [ 60 ]. The fact that a stamp was produced commemorating this man indicates the role of national pride in claims such as these Permission, Azerbaijan International. While the Soviet and American longevity race has lost its steam with the end of the cold war, extreme longevity claims from the former USSR still regularly appear in the press.

Perhaps this was a case of one-upsmanship since the claim appeared shortly after the Uzbekistan claim that Tuti Yusupova was Most noteworthy about the Dosova claim is the fact that 8 years passed since she would have surpassed the long-held, accepted record of years, and yet we only hear of the claim in Not surprisingly, there is no birth certificate supporting the claim; only a passport, a later-life census record, and an identification card, all of which could have been based upon one or the other.

There are several other reasons why this claim is entirely unacceptable, including 1 the region from which the claim originates is well known for invalid claims with its poor recordkeeping, low rates of literacy, and a tradition of age inflation; 2 the claimed age is far beyond the accepted record holder and 16 years beyond the current oldest person in the world; 3 the ages of her children indicate that this claim is exaggerated, otherwise she would have given birth in her 60s [ 64 ].


Sakhan Dosova's family and Kazakhstan officials claimed, as of April 1, that she was years old. She died a month later. Extreme age claims from Cuba, often in the — age range, have continued this tradition. The club relies upon a church register, indicating a birthdate of February 2, , as proof. For such an extreme and potentially sensational claim though, multiple forms of corroborating proof are necessary see text box above, providing principles of age validation [ 66 ].

This myth asserts that certain philosophies or religious practices allow a person to live to extreme old age.

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These types of myths are most common in the Far East. For example, some Daoists have claimed to live to over years.

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In China, Li-Ching-Yuen was noted to be years old when he died in [ 67 ]. Not only was his age claim fantastical, and the number chosen as a multiple of eight considered good luck in China , but the rationale was that he lived so long due to his following a certain practice or way of life. This type of myth is also found in Buddhism. In the case of the spiritual practice myth, extreme age is associated with the supernatural and is often achieved through some activity. Claims of this nature continue today. A relative living to an extreme age can be a source of significant pride for a family, and this is one of the most commonly encountered causes of inaccurate claims that we encounter.

Many families relay stories of family members from many generations ago who lived to very old age.

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Often these ages are inflated, and there is no documented evidence for the claim. The farther back in time one goes, the easier it is to insert such a family member into the family tree. Sometimes one myth is used to prop up another. For example, Mattie Owens was claimed to be years old in [ 69 ], and her son was said to be An investigation by R. Young determined that Mattie was in fact years old, and her son was just 80 years old [ 70 ]. These myths are quite common, even in the developed world. Macy Bare of North Carolina, said to be , turned out to be [ 70 ].

List of supercentenarians by continent - Wikipedia

In , unequivocal census research revealed that William Coates of Maryland was 92, not [ 30 , 71 ]. The myth of persistent and extreme familial longevity is one of the more common typologies of age misreporting that we encounter, including countries such as the USA Though in the USA, it is relatively easy to find records, for example, from the U. In reality, we do not even have sufficient proof that Ana Henriquez is , since the document was issued in Note that the age claims go higher the further back in the past the family tree goes.

They might do so completely convinced of their age, though they are mistaken because they have either been told by others what their revised age is, or because of cognitive frailty, they have forgotten about an intentional or erroneous change in their birth date from a long time ago. For example, Mariam Amash was surrounded by her family during all the media attention paid to her while recently claiming to be years old Figure 5. Also, the age of her youngest son, Mohamed, 54 years old, would indicate that she gave birth at the age of 66, which particularly before the advent of modern fertility treatments, would be unheard of.

She then goes for a walk and then spends most of her day with the family. She recognizes all of us. Motivations regarding military status can lead to age misreporting. In some cases, this is to make a child old enough to serve, in others to avoid war service. Various people in the s and s falsely claimed to be Confederate veterans, and thus born in the mids invoking a myth of Southern longevity. Not one of the claimed Confederate ages turned out to be correct, and most were not even veterans [ 74 ].

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Williams' motivation for age inflation could be partly monetary. He apparently inflated his age only in , when a Confederate pension was offered during the Depression in Texas. At the time, Confederate promoters also claimed him as a heritage symbol [ 74 ]. Also of note, the last Union veteran, Albert Woolson, claimed to be years old but research has shown that he was just according to the census [ 74 ]. The oldest Union veteran, James Hard, claimed to be years old in but investigation showed him to be [ 74 ].

Fictionalized accounts of extreme age and war service continue to the present day. Merlyn Krueger recently claimed to be born in as well as a World War I veteran, but research by R. Young has shown him to be born in In some cases, the age is off by just a few years: Frank Buckles, the last surviving U.

In addition to the late-life military age myths, some men overstated their age earlier in an effort to avoid military service: claiming to be too old to be in the draft. If a man was 40 but claimed to be 50 in World War II, he could avoid military service, but would have to maintain the claim afterwards. The claim that Pawel Parniak was when he died in was just such an example. Research by R.